MInMED research project aims to extend the existing models, methods and tools for traceability and predictability of innovation evolution and diffusion by including complex systems dynamics perspective. Within the framework of this research proposal, the following broad set of the research questions will be considered:

(i) How does knowledge evolve and information diffuse over hierarchical social networks in organizations?;

(ii) What are the effects of content and context, type and medium of knowledge and information, and social/technical filters on knowledge and information flow and processing?;

(iii) When does the knowledge evolution and information diffusion lead to the organisational learning and innovation?;

(iv) How can the insights from knowledge and information dynamics in the past be used to predict the innovation trends in the future and drive organisational changes needed for more successful performance?

Even a partial answer to these questions can shed light on complex processes such as standard procedures formation, organizational learning, filtering of information and knowledge, and organisational innovation. As such, the research could potentially have a transformative effect on creating an interface between engineering and management related to dynamics of the complex engineering systems development.

Timeliness, innovativeness and relevance

In EUROPE 2020 flagship initiative “Innovation Union”, it is highlighted that is more important than ever to deliver the so-called “fifth freedom”, which is not only the free movement of R&D resources but also the free movement of innovative ideas. The current models of trans-national knowledge and technology transfer, brokerage and other open innovation and business-related support services that help EU organisations to operate internationally should be reinforced and further improved in upcoming period. In this context, there is an enhanced recognition of the role that knowledge and innovation can play to provide a tactical and strategy advantage in the marketplace.

The MInMED research is therefore aimed to support conceiving, developing and deploying of products-service systems of increasing capability and richness of functions and features, within an environment of competitiveness and innovation on a global market scale.