Work plan

The project duration is in total 48 months. The research project is divided in five work packages (WP1-WP5). For each of them, several high level activities are specified in order to carry out the overall project objectives. The successful fulfilment and the realization of work package(s) will be evaluated during regular project meetings and accordingly to the list of the planned deliverables. In addition to the kick off/out meetings (PM1, PM5), the project meetings schedule corresponds to the milestones of the project and is compatible with the completion of work packages: WP2 (PM2 - presentation of the vision demonstrator), WP3 (PM3 - presentation and validation of the mathematical models) and WP4 (PM4 - presentation and validation of the tools for simulation and analysis), WP5 (PM5 – presentation of the result and documentation need for the establishment of the Centre for Complexity and Innovation). The project meetings will be organised with the open calls for participation to the international research community and private/public organisations.