The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture is one of the organizational units of University of Zagreb and is the direct successor of High Technical School established in 1919. Nowadays it enrols 485 students each academic year, within the study majors of Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Aeronautical Engineering and employs the teaching staff of 200. The activities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture include very wide area of both the theory and practical solutions in various fields of design, production and maintenance of aeronautical, mechanical and marine structures and systems. Scientific activities, which are significant part of activities at FMENA, are performed through large number of national scientific and technological projects. As a result, close cooperation is established between FMENA and over 70 scientific and educational entities.

FMENA as the research/education body hosting the Chair of Design and Product Development Department brings in project its experience in the general area of engineering design and product development. Particularly as a main partner will brought their competencies on implementation and customizing of the product data management, product life-cycle management, product and process modelling, and design knowledge and information management gained from the previous research and industrial projects. In addition, there is experience and connection to European centres of excellence gained from the management and organization of the research and development events for the academia and industry that is worldwide recognized as the important part of the Design Society.

Within the project FMENA that is hosting the Chair of Design and Product Development would contribute in the field of scientific visualization and analysis of the complex information networks and general engineering product-service development knowledge. CADLab - Computer Aided Design Laboratory as an operational unit of the Chair, offers wide range of the state-of-the art IT technology used in modern product development process and will provide IT platform necessary for research and development of the integration of the visualisation and analysis framework and existing engineering tools. Access to the industrial resources and transfer of experience and knowledge from industrial sector in partner countries, is expected to result in enhanced level of our understanding of the technological needs of the industry for a future in order to redefine our development strategy and position in forthcoming period.