FIS, Slovenia

The Faculty of information studies is the first public faculty independent of any Slovene university and at the same time it is the first faculty in Novo mesto. The National assembly of the Republic of Slovenia passed the act of establishing the Faculty of information studies in Novo mesto on 24th June 2008. It is the first pillar of the public higher educational system in the region.

FIS is an academic institution, which synthesises the social sciences, IT and computer knowledge and set the foundation of the contemporary society and expand the horizons of it. FIS contribute to the contemporary society through education, training and research at the highest level. FIS is aware of its role in the sustainable development of the local Dolenjska and Slovenian environment. In year 2020, they plan to be comparable with reputable academic institutions in South Eastern Europe.

To achieve that, the FIS cooperates with many strategic partners to develop modern, applicative and development-oriented projects. The faculty wants to attract companies and researchers who are interested by the newest development, who want to exchange ideas about new projects and who offer or search technologies from different interdisciplinary areas (ICT, social scienceā€¦). In addition, the faculty is open for cooperation with economic sphere, since we are certain that joined projects will enable the faculty, economics and the contemporary society a universal development. At the same time the research activity enables students to become familiar with a real environment.